We often forget about the importance of get-in and get-out times. It is a vital aspect of the logistics of conferences and events. The new extension at the EICC, due to open on May 7th, has used turntable technology to help with the turnround of deliveries.

The video clip shows the new loading bay receiving an articulated truck. Being a city centre venue, space is at a premium. To maximise on the use of space, a 17m turntable has been installed in the loading bay, to allow the largest of artics to enter the loading bay and be turned around for loading and exiting. (The loading bay is large enough to allow 2 artics to park off to the side, as well.)

As it happens, the artic is actually delivering the first batch of 3,000 conference and banqueting chairs from Boss Design – the chairs have been specially developed to give the conference delegate the ultimate in conference comfort.

The Right Solution was instrumental in delivering this innovative delivery bay solution – as well as being responsible for the procurement of all the fixtures, fittings and equipment – including the chairs!

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