Storage is always an issue with conference centres. EICC’s new extension has been designed and constructed on a very tight site, completing the Edinburgh Exchange development, initially started by the original EICC, which opened in 1995. Consequently, the storage problem was exacerbated. In order to solve that problem and keep the footprint of the main hall intact, the main storage facility is one floor up from the Lennox Suite floor. The obvious question is how do you get up to 2,000 chairs quickly from the store to the floor?

The Right Solution’s answer was to utilise the unique moving floor (another Right Solution innovation) as a goods lift! One section of the moving floor can be raised to 4.9m above the main floor to access the adjacent storage area. This lift, which has a 10 tonne capacity, can take the chairs, tables and other furniture from the store straight down onto the main floor for laying out.

The picture shows Eric Rymer of the The Right Solution controlling the lift, which is shown at the store room level.

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