We are passionate about meetings not only being fruitful and productive but also that they should be carried out with a level of responsibility that extends outside the four walls that they are held within.

Environmental issues

  • Commitment to ensure my organisation is as environmentally responsible as possible.
  • Appoint an environmental champion in my organisation to encourage and motivate everyone’s commitment.
  • Promote and educate all in environmental responsibility both within my organisation and the wider meetings industry.
  • Give preference to venues and suppliers that demonstrate equal commitment to sustainability or environmental responsibility.

Responsible tourism

  • Commit to the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact
  • Allocate a percentage of funds/resources for all groups and events to local projects in host destinations that will benefit the local population, such as schools, water treatment, vital infrastructure.
  • Commit to encouraging all groups and events taking place in host countries to allocate time to helping with local projects either educational, social or infrastructure.
  • Commit to allocation of 4 days a year as advisors to development of meetings and events tourism for emerging markets.
  • Commit when and where possible to use local staff, suppliers and hotels where a significant proportion of the revenue remains in the destination/country.
  • Commit to Fair Trade.

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