BMEIS 16/17 is now available, invaluable insights from interviews with nearly 500 British event organisers showing yearly trends of preferences for destinations and venues.

A snapshot of results:

  • Volume of events  back closer to 2014 levels after reductions last year
  • 34% of corporates and 30% of associations expecting to organise more events in next 12 months
  • Average number of delegates at main event -276 for corporates and 384 for associations (down on last year)
  • Slight increases in average budgeted daily delegate rates to £57.38 for corporates and £48.93 for associations
  • Less than 2% budget changes anticipated for next 12 months
  • Percentage of events with third party assistance has reduced
  • Most used UK cities London, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh and Leeds
  • Most popular European country for overseas events is Germany
  • Single most important factor affecting events is costs/budgets
  • Challenges in dealing with suppliers: costs and service.

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You cannot write a business plan without this data.

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