This year’s survey is now available!

This is the definitive study of buying trends and event characteristics for over 600 association and corporate organisers, providing information for strategic planning, operations, marketing and development decisions for all suppliers to the meetings industry. How much are they budgeting, which trends are costing them more and which are saving them money? What percentage of buyers use third party agencies to help with event organisation?

All this and more is answered in this year’s survey which looks at volume and value of business placed, numbers of attendees, influences on destination and venue decisions, preferred digital media and technology for events plus many other key issues.

A sample of results include:

  • Volume of events increased for both association (average 37 from 29) and corporate buyers (48 from 43)
  • Average number of delegates at main annual event slightly down to 436 from 443 for associations and 378 from 393 for corporates
  • Budgeted daily delegate rates up to £54 for associations from £47.67 yet lower for corporates down to £57.00 from £63.83
  • City centre hotels most preferred venues
  • Most popular European countries outside UK are Germany, France and Spain
  • Issue most improving audience engagement at events is making content available online
  • Issue most increasing costs are new technologies and Health and Safety

Let us know if you would like to get your copy of the report.



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