We are facilitating a series of focus groups at Celtic Manor, Newport on the proposed development of International Convention Centre, Wales.        We would love to get your input, so let us know your views:

1.              Which is your favourite venue for running events and why?

2.             What are the issues in design of a building that make the most difference to the success of events?

 3.             What aspects of conference centre design do you find most irritating or that are most often overlooked?

4.             What would you most like to see in the ideal conference centre?

5.             What could conference centre management do that would most make running events easier?

6.             Favoured approach to pricing and costs, packages  and additional services such as technical, catering , security.

Let us know your answers,  it would really help us.

email: info@rightsolution.co.uk

or call us on 01442 450422

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