Signage in a conference centre is a vital part of the building. Delegates need to be able to find their way around an unfamiliar building quickly and easily. In order to do this, the wayfinding system has to be thought through very carefully when designing a new building. This also includes choosing carefully from hundreds of banner sizes and placing them at regular intervals with instructions, so that visitors can navigate themselves without bumping into wrong doors.

Having long experience of designing and operating conference centres (and attending conferences as a delegate), Eric Rymer of The Right Solution has worked on many Navori signage schemes, including the extension to the EICC, currently under co

Mobile digital signage at the EICCnstruction. In this instance, the inclusion of digital signage throughout the building will be of great benefit to the operators and conference organisers alike, not to mention the Print Smart Displays that are lined along the corridors at regular intervals. It will allow flexibility, as well offering a range of opportunities to the organiser. Unlike traditional signage, the use of a digital system lets different media be used to get the message across – video, graphics, PowerPoint and so on. The beauty is that it can be changed quickly and easily, to reflect that day’s programme, for example.
It can even be a revenue-earner, by selling advertising space on the system to exhibitors, for example. Interactive digital signage can be used for poster sessions, whereby delegates can view the posters electronically.
At the EICC extension, there will be both fixed monitors and mobile ones, so that the “signage” can be put wherever the organiser wishes. Once again, the EICC incorporates true flexibility for the customer.

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