Moving Floor lifts at the EICC

A unique element of the extension at the EICC is the moving floor in the Lennox Suite. It gives unparalleled flexibility, allowing the suite to be configured in several different modes at the touch of a button. The 1,600m2 hall in its flat floor mode will be used for exhibition and banqueting – seating 1,400 people for a fine dining experience. The floor can transform into a raked auditorium for 2,000, theatre in the round for 1,400, raked cabaret style for 1,000 and arena mode for 1,400. This last mode requires 12 of the moving floor elements not only to rise, but also to rotate through 90 degrees.
The moving floor, with such flexibility, is unique in the world of conference centres. The idea for it was put forward by The Right Solution in the early stages of design, to meet the needs of the end user and provide a very special facility for the operator. The floor system, engineered by Delstar Limited, consists of 29 separate lifts able to move independently to make up the various formats. One lift even doubles up as a goods lift, to access the main furniture store, one level above the flat floor level.
These 29 lifts are now installed in the Lennox Suite and make an extremely impressive sight. To see a video of the facility, please go to

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