Is the Meetings Industry of today doing enough to inspire the business leaders of tomorrow?

Over 1.3 million meetings are held every year in the UK. Are they productive? Are they motivating our workforce? Are they generating the future employees and business leaders we need to ensure the UK remains the 5th largest economy in the world by GDP?

The Right Solution worked with Imago at Loughborough University to research the views of students, delegates at meetings and meeting organisers to compare their views on what will inspire the business leaders of tomorrow. In total over 430 respondents took part, revealing the reality of life in the workplace compared to students expectations as they embark on their career.  The results serve as a rallying cry to the meetings industry to ensure delegates feel energised and inspired to focus on their work and their career following a meeting. In the words of one respondent:

‘There is no nirvana where everyone is skipping with joy to meetings every day!’

But there should at least be much more enthusiasm and stronger feelings of accomplishment to justify the time spent in meetings. Tomorrow’s leaders are far more discerning about how they spend their time and expectations from meetings are high.

Millennials look for guidance on how to best use their talents and abilities within the organisation and meetings can help provide this. They will quickly move on if they don’t.

Technological delivery of information was not the most important driver of face to face meetings according to our respondents as this can readily be accessed online. Instead they want emotional connections (from speakers with passion citing personal experiences) and the opportunity to create relationships that help with career progression and personal development.

Organisers need to look beyond the content of the event itself to provide clear actions, understanding of how those actions can be delivered and the results they can achieve.

Face to face meetings will always have a place but everyone involved in organising them needs to ensure they provide return on investment for each person attending, as well as the organisation paying the bill.

The full report is available here:

Download (PDF, 393KB)


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