Did you know? Wolverhampton is mentioned in the Old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens. It is the scene of a magnificent painting by  JMW Turner and is a central character in Caitlin Moran’s best selling novel and TV programme How to Build a Girl.

Wolverhampton is ideal for corporates and associations looking to align their events with a destination focused on cutting edge technology and medical research.  Located 20 minutes from Birmingham International Airport, with extensive links across Europe, Wolverhampton is home to high-tech organisations such as Moog and Eurofins, the world leading Land Rover i54 plant and hospitals specialising in heart and lung cancer research.

AND Watch this space as Wolverhampton is truly Making it Happen. The development plan for the city can be viewed in the city strategy. Since January The Right Solution has been working in the city on development plans for major venues, for marketing the city for conferences and events, communicating with conference organisers to provide the essential information that you require and training suppliers to meet your needs.

Iconic Wolverhampton (22MB Powerpoint)

See the Wolverhampton City Strategy document below or click here to download.

Download (PDF, 5.26MB)

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