Design & Installation

We approach the design of any conference centre with the practical needs of conference organisers and the target market sector(s) relevant to the destination in mind.

We tailor make the solution to the design brief and include consideration of the following:

  • Size of facilities, shapes and relationship of spaces to one another
  • Market expectations and explanation of intended use
  • Ancillary facilities: toilets, storage, offices, cloakrooms, catering
  • Circulation, both horizontal and vertical
  • M&E and structural considerations
  • Cable infrastructure
  • Lighting, Power
  • Audio-visual equipment – sound, projection
  • Interiors and partitions
  • Fire, security and disabled considerations
  • Communications
  • Signage
  • Standards and quality of materials (related to cost)
  • Traffic management
  • Furniture, Fittings, and Equipment
  • Operational and management issues

Our role is to advise on the planning of the total conference environment in a cost-effective way, ensuring that sufficient flexibility is in-built to make the facilities suitable for all kinds of events, so that maximum occupancy and revenue can be obtained in future. In this way we can ensure that the client has the best design for the operation.

Our unique experience in the conference and banqueting facilities sector allows us to input on all the areas that are traditionally packaged separately in the construction industry. We can maintain an overview of the project, to ensure that the end user – the customer – is the yardstick by which design decisions are made.

This results in a facility designed for its intended market exclusively and one that provides great return on investment.

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