EICC Extension Opens for Business

May 2nd 2013 – the launch of the EICC’s new facilities took place.

The Right Solution has been working with the EICC for 10 years to achieve this – and what an opening event it was. Just take a look at the video of the event here.

Having worked on developing the original building, …read entire article

Storage solutions

Storage is always an issue with conference centres. EICC’s new extension has been designed and constructed on a very tight site, completing the Edinburgh Exchange development, initially started by the original EICC, which opened in 1995. Consequently, the storage problem was exacerbated. In order to solve that problem and keep the footprint of the main …read entire article

EICC Moving Floor Installed

Moving Floor lifts at the EICC

A unique element of the extension at the EICC is the moving floor in the Lennox Suite. It gives unparalleled flexibility, allowing the suite to be configured in several different modes at the touch of a button. The 1,600m2 hall in its flat floor mode will be used …read entire article

An uplifting experience for the EICC

Eric Rymer of The Right Solution recently accompanied members of the design team and EICC on a visit to the factory where the innovative moving floor for the EICC’s extension is being manufactured. Delstar Engineering Limited are making the 29 lifts, which comprise the moving floor for the new facilities at the EICC, due to …read entire article

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